Is there any experience in life more fulfilling than being sated, I suppose there is but surely there are not that many! This weekend has been just that sort of experience with Roxanna and I. She and I both work in high pressure positions hers more so than mine if you ask me. When she and I can be with one another and not have a care in the world other than each other is a rarity in deed.

The past couple of days have been just that very experience for the both of us; “Sated”, as she and I lay in each others arms earlier today both of us seemed to be looking for the same word to describe how we were feeling at that very moment.

Sated it seems is how we both feel about not only that wonderful moment of bliss, but our entire relationship actually. No matter where I am she is with me, no matter how stressful work is at times, she is always there to relieve my tension and I hers. No matter what, I am sated in life because of her!

Sated in life, happiness, love, career and faith with Roxie my life is so truly different and all for the better. Many have said that a positive is far easier to prove when you have a negative to compare it to, for the most part I agree, however Roxanna is the exception to that rule for me. She is just a truly amazing person; so much so that her light shines so brightly that it is clear for all to see the positive she brings to this world, no negative of any sort is needed.

Sated in deed, yes I am sated!


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