Wedding Bells “Almost”

Where do I start, earlier this evening while having dinner with Roxanna I looked up from my plate at her and saw that she had the most wonderful expression on her face. Her smile lit up the room like a 1000 candles, as I looked at her I noticed that her eyes were moist. I asked her what was wrong because it is seldom that a fellow sees a woman smile so wonderfully and tear up at the same time.

As she stopped eating to answer, it hit me, I knew , I just knew what she was thinking; she was thinking of us and our future together. She took a deep breath and said very sweetly,” Danny you’re the most wonderful man I have ever met and I do not wish to seem pushy but I know in my heart we will be married”.

In my heart I have known this for sometime, but have been far to cautious to express it so directly out loud, how does one respond to such a statement; I simply got up from the table and took her hand in mine and turned on the radio. I walked her to the living room and we started to dance.

We spoke very little but I did let her know that I wished for the same, I so truly do, it seemed only fitting to me that we express these emotions while dancing as that is how we met late last year. What she does not know,is that I have already decided on the date to propose to her…shhhhhhhhh… is going to be an amazing proposal and there are several others in on the surprise as well!

I can see her in the bed sleeping from where I sit, time to return to her and hold her close but I had to get this off my chest or I would never get back to sleep!


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