Ice Cream, Traditions and New Memories

This week at work has been one of the more stressful I can recall in a long time,  I enjoy my work I truly do, but this week has been one for the books. The entire week has been one that has kept every one of us on high alert, there has been little if any down time.

There have been bright spots though, recognition for a job well done from those whom we serve, this was not expected but very much appreciated, there was also my inclusion in choosing a name for my beautiful little friend who is being adopted. Truly that was the best part of my week, actually it has been something so heart warming, that it is difficult to put into words.

The week has just been one blessing after another, Roxie and I have grown even closer; the relationship we share has been a blessing I could never have dreamed of  this time last year. Today we had my little friend and her soon to be parents  over, the entire day was filled with laughter, jokes, food and friendship and also the wonderful sound of  a happy child who knew she was in the presence of a group of people who love her dearly.

We all played in the swimming pool, taking a break from the summer heat, watching this amazing little girl play and enjoy her self, what an amazing smile she has, and when she tells you she loves you, there is not a sweeter sound or feeling!

We grilled out later but I made home-made ice cream for desert first and my beautiful little friend got the seat of honor, she got to ride the ice cream churn, now if you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s a time-honored tradition in the south. The children get to sit atop the churn while an adult turns the crank, the reason is  its  fun as a kid to be included in something like making ice cream and it is also helpful in making it because as the cream thickens it becomes more difficult to turn the crank, so if you put a little person on top if it, it helps hold the freezer part of the churn in the salt/ice bath better and the ice cream gets colder faster. You can not use an adult because  it would be impossible to turn the crank handle as an adult weighs too much, but there is that magical age of a child from about 6 to 12 years of age where they are just the right size and they still think that making ice cream is magic, it’s a wonderful thing!

This week has been wonderful in every respect, even the stress of work has been fulfilling, as I know the work I do is appreciated and I enjoy giving back to my country. The events of this week with my little friend have warmed  my heart, there is nothing that compares to the laughter of a child.

Roxie and I sat with her in our laps after dinner and dessert, she was worn out from playing in the pool; her tummy was filled with great food and the wonderful ice cream she helped make and we all were surrounded by wonderful friends and filled with love in our hearts.

What a wonderful end to any week in deed!


2 Responses to Ice Cream, Traditions and New Memories

  1. singlewhitefemaledating says:

    What a gorgeous little girl… she is so happy!!! Yum = homemade icecream. Good for you. 😛

    • To be clear, the little girl in the photo is not the little lady I spoke of but they sure do favor, yes we each had a great day and home made ice cream is the best!

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