Out of the Mouths of Babes

The most unexpected event happened to me yesterday, I actually got to choose the name of a child. NO it’s not what ya think, the child is not  mine nor Roxie’s.

Here is how it happened, on occasion I help out with a group of foster kids, one of the children is being adopted (awesome) and of course this amazing little girl will get a new last name. She and I were talking about that very topic, she was practicing spelling her new last name and doing well I may add. Then she just looked up at me and said, I really do not like my first name, the kids at school tease me about it. Her current first name is a bit unusual and kids being kids well you get the idea.

She said, she wished she could change it as well, hmm I thought , is that possible? I asked one of the social workers and to my surprise it was not only possible but is something many foster children choose to do when they get adopted.

I mentioned this to my beautiful little friend and she asked me to help her choose a new first name for her, what an honor, it was not long before we had looked up  or said aloud many names, then we hit the sweet spot, she tried out one name and it was as though it was written just for her!

My sweet little friend now has both a new first and last name and I even got to help her pick it out, an amazing day in deed!


One Response to Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. Rob says:

    That’s a lovely story: made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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