The Good Stuff Indeed

 As I have looked back at the vacation Roxanna and I have been blessed to enjoy, it has occurred to me that she and I are each others partner in crime so to speak. Each the others wingman as it were. As we raced about on the ocean these past few days playing, she was right there with me, always up for an adventure, even coming up with a few of her own. 

She and I  have now had 2 vacations together both beach destinations, both times we have just relaxed and enjoyed life. We made plans to do this or that and if we felt like changing them on a whim we did so, or not, made no difference to either of us.

When she went bouncing in the air off the tube while being pulled by the jet ski and lost her bikini bottoms, she did not get angry or freak out even though there were others around. She stayed calm and found the humor in it, needless to say my job at that moment was clear, retrieve said bottoms and protect her modesty. I found them quickly enough but I admit to keeping that a secret for a bit (evil grin). Besides it was the perfect excuse to hold her close!!!

I did of course pay for that little prank, I awoke the next morning with shaving cream all over my face, chest and other places and her standing over me with a razor and one seriously wicked look on her face, it of course was all in good fun, we both laughed and then I promptly smeared the shaving cream all over her just for a bit of fun and we got each other very messy, in many ways lol

We love each other dearly, we show it with ease, not once has loving her been hard or difficult because of anything she has done, loving her has never been difficult actually, I have had my doubts on a couple of occasions about myself, my choices in the past have seemed wise at the time but proved on occasion to be big mistakes,but not this time. Nothing has been rushed, no pretenses by either of us. Both of us wiser and more discerning as a result of our past. We recognize in each other what we have long searched for in a mate, for all of our relationship failures, they have made this union all the sweeter, it is far easier to know when a relationship is right when you can compare it to one or more that was not!

I have found strength in prayer and my willingness to trust Roxanna has payed off in ways I could never have dreamed of, she is my best friend, lover and companion and I am hers. That’s the good stuff we all seek in life, the good stuff in deed.


4 Responses to The Good Stuff Indeed

  1. I love you guys! Soo fun 🙂 Thank God you found the bottoms.. nothing is worse than losing them!

    • Thanks Jenna, we had a blast. I was able to locate her bottoms very quickly but I do admit I did not tell her at that particular moment, as I stated in the post , it was a perfect reason to hug up close…we laughed and played like 2 kids for several days. It was the best 4th celebration ever!.

      I read your post as well, you guys had fun as well it appears, Oh your slam dunk skilz are bad to da bone! lol

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