Vacation With Roxie Pt.3

The morning of the 4th Roxie and I made our way to the beach as early as possible, we wanted to enjoy the water before it became too hot, as the previous two days the temps climbed quickly. We played in the ocean just after sunup, as the sun rose that morning, the water was cool and felt great!

The site of her standing in the early dawn sunlight was more than I could take, she looked so radiant. She is my forever and I am truly blessed to have her in my life in any capacity, but to feel the love and friendship she has for me is more than I have ever experienced in my life before.

We swam and played in the ocean, laughing, flirting, kissing and just enjoying the beautiful morning sun, but it was not to long before we were hungry and the temps began to rise.

Once back in the room after breakfast we simply relaxed, freshly showered with nothing but towels on, we lounged in our room or near the balcony. This entire vacation has been about relaxation for the two of us, we played or relaxed as we saw fit.

There was one thing that I did plan though, since we had already been to that little island at the edge of the bay, I decided we should spend the evening there, I felt we could have a great front row seat for the evenings fireworks and some privacy as well.

As she napped I went down and gathered the items we would need for the evening and secured them in the truck. I knew that night was going to be amazing and I could not wait for it to start getting dark.

I returned to our suite, the A/C had the room very cold, just the way we like it. I stripped and got into bed with her, her body is so amazing, she instantly cuddled with me and her body was as always very warm, she is like a wonderful favorite blanket when she cuddles with me.

Her head fits perfectly in the nook of my shoulder, her leg wrapped over mine, life could not have been more perfect at that moment, the feel of her naked skin against mine, the wonderful aroma of her perfume, and my hand at the small of her back that was pure heaven for the next few hours.

After we rose from our nap, we gathered a few things for a picnic and off we went to the beach, the weather was hot but the day could not have been more beautiful.

The trip on the Jet Ski was not long to our little secluded spot, I did not expect we would be alone all night, surely others would have a similar though as to its great vantage point for the fireworks display. BUt the night was filled with the promise of romance, adventure and delight.

We ate our picnic dinner just before sunset, there were a few other couples there by then, but we had long scoped out the best spot.

The sun set and we just held on another close, she turned after it had set and kissed me and told me she loved me, she place my hand on her chest and I could feel her heart racing, she said that it happened all the time when we were together or whenever she thought of me, amazing I thought it was only me who suffered from that condition concerning my thoughts of her.

We lay down on the blanket, waiting on the fireworks to start, by now the light of the day was gone and in the tall grass we kissed and loved on one another.

The fireworks and the music were awesome; the music was just loud enough from where we sat and watched this event unfold. The fireworks were fantastic, the show was amazing and just what you would want in an evening on the 4th of July

Once the fireworks ended, those few couples that had joined us left, we could hear them laughing and there was much joy in the air that night as they left in their boats.

I asked her if she was ready for her surprise and she said yes, I asked her if she wanted to spend the night here, she was giddy and said yes, yes, yes.

I went down to the Jet Ski and brought up a small tent and a few other things that were stored on it, and we made our camp for the night. I had brought a small radio and we listened to music and talked for a while, then I asked her to dance with me, just the two of us holding one another and dancing to the music from that little radio. I reached for her to lift her lips to mine and we kissed, her lips sweet with love and affection for me, there will never be another woman for me, she is my forever, and thank God above I am hers as well.

I carried her down into the water and slowly removed her Bikini; we made love in the water, she is an amazing woman in every respect.

As we lay in the tent later, her naked body pressed against mine, I wanted to scream to the heavens above my intentions with her; I am going to marry this woman there is no doubt about it.

She is a true companion to me in every respect, she is proof that love can truly happen, that love can be and should be easy. And when you find your forever make darn sure you never let that person go!

No life is without hardship of some sort, but there is no reason to be in a relationship that is not just as you wish it to be, I learned that the hard way but I will never forget that lesson.

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