Vacation With Roxie Pt.2

The next to last day of our vacation I was awakened by her singing softly as she cooked breakfast for us, now normally it is I who cooks breakfast for us when we are together but not this morning.

I walked to the edge of our bedroom in the suite and just watched her gliding around in the tiny kitchen, there was a smile on her face and it was clear to anyone she is a happy woman.

There was bacon frying in a pan, I could smell biscuits baking in the stove and she had yet another treat for me, she had cut up some peaches that we had purchased and there was real cream to go with them.

She did not notice I was watching at first, but when she did see me, she came running to me and jumped in my arms to hug and kiss me, her bottom fits perfectly in my hands when she does this, perfection!

We ate our food and let me tell you this woman can cook, the peaches were awesome and we agreed we should buy more from that stand on the way back home.

This vacation has been as wonderful as our first one together; there is just a comfort and calmness when we are together. I could write of the many things she does for me but that would not describe who she is.

Roxie is so kind and loving, anyone who meets her can confirm this, and she is selfless and calm in nature but will defend her friends and family fiercely. I have such admiration for her. She is bright, articulate and can hold her own in any conversation with anyone on most any topic, but not once will you ever see any type of arrogance from her. This beautiful woman is a true gem and a blessing to all of us. I am so fortunate to have met her and to have had the good sense to recognize instantly that she is indeed a blessing.

Once rested from eating we once again ventured out to enjoy the beach and swim in the ocean. She got on my shoulders at one point and I would toss her into the water, we were just too grown kids having fun.  We also had a long conversation while we looked around the ocean floor in the shallow water, we were just looking at the marine life, even close to shore there is an abundance of God’s creatures to see if you just take the time to look.

Our conversation was soft and loving, no particular topic, just our random thoughts as we played and such in the ocean.  I could not resist that certain part of her neck any longer and I walked up close behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed and nuzzled her neck. Oh that is a sweet spot to kiss for sure.

 I love the way she smells and the way the sunlight bounces off her hair, have you ever loved and admired someone so much that you just lose your train of thought when they are with you, it happens to me often when I am with her, I so dearly love this woman


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