Vacation With Roxanna Pt. 1

Vacation with Roxie

The both of us are flat worn out from the trip, but it is a good kind of tired. The trip down to the beach was really nice; we had miles of singing, talking or off in thought between us. There were sites to see along the way, small road side fruit and vegetable stands as well, we stopped at one as it came close to lunch time and picked up some fresh fruit.

There was an elderly gentleman who owned this little stand and he and I talked as Roxie began to pick out the items she wanted, I could only watch and admire how lovely she looked in her sun dress as she gentle picked each item to smell or touch to test its level of ripeness.

The owner looked at me with a smile and said she is indeed lovely isn’t she, I could only smile in agreement, she looked so lovely and her aura was so peaceful.

He was so smitten with her that he would not even let me pay for the few items she had chosen; I know all too well how he felt. I feel the same way about her every day; I thanked him for the gift and Roxie kissed him on the cheek and once again we were off towards the beach.

We arrived at our destination excited, both of us quickly changing in to our swimwear and ready to hit the beach. Roxie looked amazing in her Bikini, she already has a wonderful tan, she tans so easily and I am envious of that. No matter how much I try, I never seem to get a tan, curse my Scotch and Irish pasty white skin heritage (lol). I am so pale I have to wear sun shades at night in order to be able to sleep due to the glare.

We swam and played in the surf until the sun was ready to set, then without a word being spoken we just held one another and watched it set, my only thoughts were how blessed I am to be able to share such a site with this amazing woman.

There was a late dinner the first evening, and then we just walked along the beach and talked a while before returning to our suite to relax. When she came out of the bedroom once again wearing  one of my button down shirts, I knew I was done right then and there. Oh my, this woman knows just how to set the mood.

We did sleep in the next morning, just lounging around the room, talking and laughing and eating, she likes to pick on me for some reason, and she is cute that way.

Towards lunch time we decided to hit the local shopping spots to see what we could find. We shopped and browsed and finally decided to eat on the patio of this really nice beach side dive, the food was amazing, most any type of sea food you could want.

The weather was awesome even if it was a bit hot, the perfect time to break out the Jet Ski and tubes. Off we went to the boat ramp, and we were soon racing our way out into the bay, we found an area where there was not a lot of other boaters and I hooked up the tube, Roxie is a gamer, she has a bit of an adventure streak in her, it was not long before she was yelling faster, faster, that is until I crossed our wake and tossed her off the tube. (Insert evil grin here)

Of course I raced back to get her as fast as I could, I was not sure how she was going to react to getting bounced so high in the air and then into the water but when I reached her she was laughing and ready for more.

We each had a turn riding the tube and as hard as I tried to hold on she did manage to bounce my behind out of the tube more than once, yeah we had a blast!  We played for several hours in the emerald colored water, we swam around the Jet Ski holding one another, enjoying the warm water and each other, and life with her is amazing.

There is a small Island at the edge of the bay so we made our way to it; it is the perfect spot to find a little privacy. We beached the Jet Ski and just walked around holding hands and talking, we found many sea shells from the little hermit crabs and such and this must be the place where suntan oil and sunscreen go to hide when they are dropped from boats because there were dozens of bottles everywhere.

Roxie and I chatted and relaxed on this little bit of secluded earth, she lay down on the beach with her head in my lap, as I played with her raven black hair, life  was indeed perfect, no stresses, worries, not a single care in the world for either of us.

We stayed and watched the sunset together, there is something magical about that time of the day, and every sunset I have shared with her is more special than the last.

More to post about this awesome vacation with My Raven Haired Woman later, but for now I see her lovely shape curled in the bed, and I suspect she is about to steal my covers.


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