Summer Time Fun and New Experiences

Wow Summer is just getting in to full swing, life is great and Roxanna and I are taking another vacation together. Life is just getting better everyday, and I know I am truly blessed. I took Roxanna to her first major league baseball game to-night, we had a blast. Ate hot dogs and cracker jacks and peanuts you name it. I wish they had hit a foul ball our way but that is ok , she was thrilled to finally get to see a major league baseball game and we were together.

The home team lost to-night but who cares we were cheering and singing and having a great time with each other and our friends. We could not stay out to late but we did have a late snack with friends and now  the  truck is all packed up and ready to hit the beach.

I got my jet ski and tubes loaded, we are set for some serious fun and sun at the beach. neither of us has to return to work for several days, life is just amazing.

The morning comes early for the start of our trip, so this post will be short.

Everyone have a safe and fun fill weekend…..see ya when I get back!


One Response to Summer Time Fun and New Experiences

  1. Sounds like a blast! I love baseball games but I am afraid of Foul Balls. I do not want to get hit in the face!! Hahaha. Have so much fun at the beach and playing. I am jealous.

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