Southern Nights

The area I live in is rural america at its best, the simple pleasures and traditions are still passed down from one generation to the next. One of my guilty pleasures is taking a drive just to no where. With gas prices being as they are I do not do this as often as I once did, so it is a rare treat in deed when I do these days.

Another rare treat is having a shared day off during the week with Roxanna, she came to be with me yesterday after work and we spent the evening relaxing and enjoying southern sweet tea on the porch while swinging in the porch swing. My dogs played around us in the yard, there were fireflies dancing across the grass, crickets and other creatures making their wonderful sounds as we sat snuggled in the swing, enjoying to cool air of the evening.

I felt a bit restless though, I had no idea why but I decided we should go and get ice cream before the local ice cream parlor closed, off we went windows down, singing and laughing just enjoying ourselves, once at the ice cream parlor, we each got our favorites and began to enjoy them as we sat outside. Life is surely wonderful with her, even something as simple as an ice cream cone shared with her feels like  I am one of the rich and famous.

As we drove off finishing off our cool treat, mind you she would not share hers with me and I promised to tell on her in these very pages, but rest assured I did share mine with her, seems sharing ice cream with her is a one way street! Truth be told, she was merely being playful and we both loved it.

On the way back home I decided to take the long way, we were having  a wonderful time out together and I did not want it to end, not to mention I know a great spot to go parking, oh yes I got it going on like that! as we began our way down this dark road towards that secret parking spot, we rounded a corner and once past it I could see tail lights ahead of us.

The problem with seeing the lights was their angle, they were not ahead of me so much as they seemed to be pointing somewhat skyward, it finally hit me there was a car in the ditch ahead and I sped up to offer any assistance. As we got close we could hear screams and crying from within the car, the nose of it was a mangled mess of twisted metal and steam from the engine.

Inside I counted only one person, a woman, we finally were able to get her calm enough to ask if she had others with her and she said no, she was alone.  As much as I love my home area, I hate the lack of technology that exists in places, such as no cell phone service in part of the county due to the mountains and terrain.

The woman inside the wreck was hurting badly her left leg pinned by the twisted metal, her nose bloody from the air bag, There was no way to call for help from there so we had to free her ourselves, I had no tools to speak of other than the ones that came with her car and mine.

I pried with all I had and could not free her leg, I worked and she cried in pain, Roxie doing  all she could to comfort her as best she could. I reached across her to undo the seat belt and that is when I noticed movement,Holy heavens this woman is pregnant, and I had felt the child move inside her tummy.

I asked her how far along she was and she said nearly 6 months,  but her tummy was now hurting and she was afraid for the baby. I am not superman by any means but knowing that not only was a woman in pain but add to that she is with child, you can only have to imagine the adrenaline rush that came over this southern man.

Roxie was taking her vital signs and offering comfort to her as best we could, finally I had a thought, in reality it was her foot that was caught not her entire leg, how about it I cut off her boot, out comes my folding knife, yep I carry one in my pocket just like my pappy (grandfather) taught me oh so long ago.

As carefully as I could I cut her boot down the side all the way to the sole. I finally managed to ger her foot free of the boot and then remove her from the car.  Off to the closest hospital we went, hazards flashings and me driving as quickly as I could all the way, running lights when I could see there was no cross traffic and honking my horn.

In the end we got there in one piece, she was admitted, we had already called her family as we made our way to the emergency room. The doctors told her that other than the broken ankle and a few bumps and bruises she was just fine. 

Her family arrived shortly after we did, They thanked and hugged us for comforting and rescuing their loved one,  we have now made new friends, albeit not the way you would like to but they are wonderful people and I suspect we will stay in touch, and if I have anything to say about it, Roxie and I will be there when the baby is born.

Wow what an evening and I promise you, all I wanted to do was eat some cool ice cream and park with my Roxie. I got the ice cream but in the excitement of it all we forgot to go parking on the way home, course we just made up for it and  parked a bit more on the front porch, another good thing about rural america, no snooping neighbors while your kissing your sweetie on the front porch.


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