A Race and a Realization

Roxanna’s father and I attended this years Running of the Indy 500 together, the weather was perfect, the event was amazing but the best part was getting to know her dad better! There could not have been a more exciting end to the race, two cars no more than inches apart, a daring attempted pass by one driver and the courage and resolve of another holding his line and never lifting off the throttle, even as the other car spun and nearly caused them both to wreck at over 200 miles an hour.

There is one thing I took away from that amazing weekend that I would not have even considered, I and thousands of others were treated to just a glimpse of how much the winner and his wife love one another, more on all of my observations and experiences from this memorial day weekend later, it is late and I am very tired.

But I urge you to view any of the video you can of the winner of this years Indy 500 and his wife Ashley Judd, you will see a couple who truly love one another!



2 Responses to A Race and a Realization

  1. It is always nice to actually see a couple who love one another! Great observation 🙂

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