Sun, Sand, Surf and a Wonderful Woman!

They say all good things must come to an end, not sure who “they” are but I wish they were not correct so often. Roxanna and I have had an amazing trip to Barbados. We throughly enjoyed ourselves.

The trip was a bit shorter than we had hoped, the goal was 10 days work permitting for us both and we almost made it. It really would not have mattered though, no matter how long we stayed it would not have been long enough.

We stayed up or slept when ever we chose, ate everything in sight, listened to live music,rode scooters, horses, snorkled you name it.

We even spent time just walking on the beach together and managed to steal away in a private cove together and throughly enjoy one another.

We even managed to get in some activities to mark off our bucket lists, we both did a bungee jump and I got to tell you that was a rush and then some. The fact we both did it at the same time only added to the thrill of the bungee jump.

I stayed up far to late last night and still got up on time to be at work on time this morning but I am paying the price now that’s for sure. I would not trade one minute I spent with her these past few days.

More to come, but for now I need to love on my pals Ozzie and Toby, and get ready for work on Monday, Wow what a trip!!!


2 Responses to Sun, Sand, Surf and a Wonderful Woman!

  1. Awe! Glad you guys had such an awesome time together 🙂 It sounded like a dream vacation and well deserved!

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