Down But Not Out

Since late Friday I have laid flat of my back. It all started innocently enough, just doing a favor for my dad. Then it happened, I bent down to pick up something and I felt it pop.

I lost my breath and the searing pain that followed was almost blinding, I fell to the ground and just tried to deal with it. I have been here before and I know it will not be pretty.

This mess dates back to my twenties, I was in the Army and thought I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof, yeah young and ignorant I know lol. The original injury was caused while repelling out of a helicopter during a routine training exercise.

I was going down the rope and just as I reached the ground the helicopter rose so that 1 foot drop then became an unexpected 3 foot  or so drop, the end result a strained back.

Needless to say I did not travel to be with Roxanna this weekend, bless her heart she said she would come to me. I told her it was best to leave me to suffer in peace lol. I have to admit I am not a good patient at times, and back pain in some of the worst I have experienced.

I tried to rest as much as possible but to no avail, I could lay down a few minutes then I had to stand  for a bit or my lower back muscles stiffen up. Then in the early hours of the morning there was a knock at the door,it took me some time to get there but I am oh so glad I answered it.

Roxanna had come to see me, even though I felt miserable, just seeing her has truly lifted my spirits and she has taken care of me all day. She drove me to see the chiropractor for an adjustment,  She has massaged my back, applied hot and cold compresses and just  in general been a wonderful caretaker and friend.

This is not my idea of a romantic weekend but having her with me does make me feel better. We have just lounged around in the bed all day,all four of us, the bed is full of people and dogs  but I am comforted in knowing I am with those that love me.

I am glad she did not listen to me when I said I felt I should just be alone, I am far better off having her with me if only for her company, and she is some fine kind of company!

Now it is time to get another shower massage on this worn out back!

Roxie, I love you so much. Thank you for being here for me!


2 Responses to Down But Not Out

  1. Aww. So glad she is stubborn and did not listen to you! Feel better.

    • I feel a lot better already, the Chriropractor did wonders and the several massages she gave me helped keep my back muscles from tightening up again. She is sound asleep right now, she was up most of the night working on my back, such a wonderful woman!

      Yeah she can be a bit stubborn but it was out of her love for me, I will never fault her in that reguard!
      Thank you for your get well wishes Jenna!
      I sure love me some Roxie!

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