I lost my Cool and my Pants

Ok Sunday was amazing in so many ways but it seems I used up every ounce of cool I had during my Easter date with Roxie. It started the moment after I hugged and kissed her goodbye.

I was clearing up the plates and cups ect and sure enough, one of the super expensive paper cups I had brought with me sprung a leak, it was one of the tall ones full of tea, yep I was drizzled with the liquid from my belt line down thru my crotch area down to my shoes, Oh I looked so cool!

Well that not withstanding and having no idea of the doom I was soon to experience I left her place of work , I had no sooner took one step off the curb when I suddenly forgot how to walk, I managed to flounder about for a few seconds, then wisdom took over and I determined it may be time to reboot my brain and I fell flat on my considerable posterior.

Now I had managed to hide my lost battle with the drink cup, but everyone had decided to enter or leave that building at the same time just as this issue with my lack of cool began, I heard so many people laugh and snicker and one soul decided it was such an awesome display of  dorkatude that they applauded.

I somehow managed to remember how to get up and I made my way back to the safety of the curb, one nice woman walked over and asked if I was ok. Oh I tried to play it cool but the tear in my pants, the skinned knee and overall ruffled appearance made it clear I wasn’t anything even close to being cool and not likely to be ok mentally lol.

I made it to my car finally and I felt safety was just a few steps away, I got  in and took a breath and manged to get out of the lot ok but my shinned knee was hurting so I felt I should get some Aleve and a band-aid but I decided to tough it out because it seemed wiser to just go home. I surmised that I would rather be more of a clutz at home as opposed to a strange place so home I went.

Needless to say I got home and tended to my wounds, I thought I deserved something to drink and I reached into the fridge to get a can of soda I have no clue how it happened but as I reached for the can I managed to puncture it on some invisible object and you guessed it I got a face full of diet soda, oh just what I needed. I chose not to change clothes again and just dry off, I was already into my third set of clothes in one day, I did not need to set a record lol. My torn pants are now in the garbage and one of my 100.00 pair of dress shoes needs repair but I survived!

After finally settling in at  home I had to laugh at myself, I wish I could have filmed the entire ordeal because it really was funny to witness I bet. This ordeal reminded me of a story my ex told me about an incident she had with a vacuum cleaner or the time she turned on the bath and got soaked by the shower lol, well I guess no one is immune to not being a clutz for ever, today was just my turn!


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