The Fog of Life

Life, I thought I had mine figured out but I was mistaken. The past few months have shown me just how much I needed to learn, not only about myself but how about how I perceive others as well.

There are times in everyone’s life where we can not see through the fog of life , we can quickly become lost or disoriented. No one is immune to the fog of life, it matters not how rich, how smart, how brave. The fog cares not who were are or where we come from.

I am no different, I was caught in the fog for a time in my life, I found another while I was trapped and wandering in that fog. Both of us searching for a way out, together seemed to be the best way for both of us.

In the fog I became twisted and lost even more, even though I was not alone. What I have come to understand is this, my fog and your fog may be similar but they are not the same. I can not show you how to escape yours nor can you show me how to find the way out of mine.

I have since found my way out but the influence of another’s fog remains at times, easily twisting me about wondering what the truth really is, should I care for one once so dear. How do we grow in our future lives without honoring the past, I do not have the answers. I can only offer prayer and hope her fog soon wanes. In prayer we can find peace, understanding and truth.


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