All in a Nights Work

Ok last night for about 4 hours of my shift, I handled and corrected on average 1 trouble call every 2.5 minutes, those bad boys were stacking up like delayed flights at an airport. I looked in the que only once and it was not pretty over 200 calls waiting and I know it got worse long before it got better.

I was a mad man at the key board (s) yes tha’s plural, it quickly became clear that something major was happening and since I was alone, I better spread my self out a  bit. So as I circled from one keyboard to another between the 5 desktops, I found a common cause in short order and stopped answering the calls and just proceeded to correct the issue.

There is no need for me to bore you any more than necessary about the details, but we can thank a certain bug in the system overseas for causing our brave soldiers to be without the ability to make contact back home to their loved ones for a spell last night..

As I said this appeared out of no where and lasted about 4 hours but I handled it, and I did it alone. Hell I was far to busy to take a few minutes to ask one of my partners to log in and help. Once the crisis was over and I settled into my oh so comfy chair (thanks to Roxanna by the way) Love you Bunches for it honey.

I came to realize that I had just handled the largest single influx of calls we had ever received since we started this internet company for the soldiers overseas.

This morning my inbox was overflowing and I knew it was not likely to be filled with praise and thanks, hey you mess with a soldiers spare time or prevent them from talking to their families and loved ones back home and you got an earful coming. They suffer and sacrifice enough for all of us here at home as it is.

I began to read some of the emails and to my amazement, there was not one rear end chewing in the lot, not all were happy but the majority of them offering thanks us for solving a problem as fast as we did, it seems the previous internet provider they had used seldom acted as quickly. I know how they feel , in my time in Iraq and Afghanistan getting anything remotely close to resembling customer service was just not going to happen.

That part of the world is about the dollar and little else from what I have seen, I have never seen a rep in person over there for any issue, well there are those there to collect your money but that is as far as they seem to believe customer service goes.

The company was started by myself and a few friends, each of us is a veteran, and each of us has spent time in the middle east. We grew tired of seeing the troops pay through the nose for shoddy at best internet service and decided we could do better.

Last night I wish it had not happened to our clients, but it did and it was nothing we could prevent, but it was solved as quickly as possible. I also realized that not only did I handle the issues quickly but I am pretty darn good at what I do. There is a sense of pride one gets when you face something head on and work through it and come out the other side of a crisis with a victory.

As I gave a report to my relief this morning over the phone he started laughing at me, I asked what is so funny. His response got us both laughing, he said he wished there was video of me turning circles handling 5 calls at a time, he wondered if I became dizzy at some point. Nah just all in a nights work I said, all in a nights work.

2 Responses to All in a Nights Work

  1. Way to go in spotting an error and realizing everyone else had the same issue. Instead of answering phone calls you decided to fix the issue. I feel that is most important when things go wrong. You did a good thing and I am sure you were exhausted by the end of it all. Thanks for helping the angels overseas. God Bless America!

    • Hey Jenna, yeah it did get hectic here for a while, and I am sure a bit funny as I raced in a circle correcting a problem induced by someone in the middle east. Fortunately I saw the issue pretty quickly and just let the calls ring as I corrected the issue as fast as I could.
      I did put up a message on the website for those that contatced us that way and I did finally get a voice mail message up as well
      In the end I was worn to a frazzle but had a good laugh at myself as well once I thought about it.

      Thanks for the blog love as always Jenna!!

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