Trust,Faith and Love

Ok where to even start about this past weekend, first I have to let everyone know that Roxanna is NOT pregnant, I was amazed by the number of emails I received asking me. She and I would thrilled if she were, but she and I have no plans for children in the immediate future.

Now the entire weekend was basically out of my hands and I loved it. In times past letting go and trusting to this degree would have been to a degree unsettling. The fact I was able to just let go and throughly enjoy everything is only possible because I have complete and total trust in Roxanna.

There was no stress, no having to be “on” so to speak, I only needed to let go, enjoy our time together and be myself. What an amazing experience, just enjoying being treated special by someone who loves me. I also believe I learned a great deal from this weekend, trusting and letting go to this extent does not come so easily for me normally, yet with Roxanna I do trust and it does come more naturally than before.

As men we feel we are always expected to make the efforts to purse, or romance a woman, I have to tell you ladies, men enjoy that sort of thing as well. It is truly comforting and heart warming to know that we are truly loved, adored, wanted and needed. Now I am not suggesting a woman has to go to the lengths that Roxanna did this weekend, but there is nothing wrong with showing your special man you truly care, love and adore him.

I still do not know how she managed to pull off so many of this past weekends surprises for us but she did. I bow to the master of surprises and her name is Roxaana!

I experienced many emotions this weekend as well, there was a moment when she put her arms around my neck and hugged me close and she simply said in a whisper that “she loved me” Oh I was done, done right then and there.  Her breath on my neck as she spoke, her tender touch as she held me and the look in her eyes just before she kissed me, whew, romance, passion, trust, adoration, love. What a wonderful moment, I have no idea how I remained standing, this woman truly has my heart and she is gentle with it.

The entire weekend was filled with those types of moments, from our picnic near the dam, or the fun we had in getting soaked on the way back to the hotel. Our evening dining and dancing or the hours we spent in each others arms. All of this was special only because we truly love one another, there are no hidden agendas or motives.

Trust and honesty in emotion, when you have that anything is possible, no problem to great, no fault not fixable, understanding that no one is perfect and that despite our faults we are worthy of love and friendship. No matter what we have may have experienced in the past we are not bound by those experiences. There is no law requiring that we continue to live a life based on any part of our past if we choose not to.

Life is indeed what we make it, our choices are our own, no matter how difficult they may seem to be, they are ours to make.  I have made poor choices at times in the past about love, but this is surely not one of them, she is the best choice I could have ever made.

There was only one part of the entire weekend I did not want to happen and that was our having to part yet again, saying goodbye to her just kills me inside and this weekend was even worse than normal, I tried the best I could, but as I hugged and kissed her for the last time this weekend I admit I teared up, she just smiled, kissed the tears from my eyes and said it was the greatest compliment I had ever given her.

I truly do love this woman!


2 Responses to Trust,Faith and Love

  1. When you never want to leave, it may be time to ask her to stay! OO so much fun to be so in love 🙂

    • Your comment has brought a wonderful smile to my face Jenna, Perhaps it is time to start thinking that way after all. Neither of us wishes to rush into anything but those conversations are in the near future I am sure.

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