Weekends Together and a Surprise To Boot

Roxanna called me early this morning just to tell me she loves me, it was about 5 am or so and I knew it was her just because of the sound she makes before she says my name. I noticed this about her long ago, she does it almost every time she calls me on the phone, there is this little silence once I answer and then she makes this little sound and then I hear it, I hear her call my name. The sound of her voice is music to my ears it is just amazing, from the moment I hear her voice I know, I just know I am going to have agreat day no matter what may come my way.

This morning she called me earlier than is her norm, I asked her if all was ok and she said yes but that she missed me and wanted to spend this weekend with me. Now she clearly had not read the email I sent her late last night because I had already invited her to do just that, not that she needs an invitation, she is always welcome.

There was this little happy squeal that came over the phone and I could hear her pc booting up as the login sound was made, we were just talking away when she  suddenly and excitedly said yes, yes, yes.  The smile on my face was enormous, surely it was from ear to ear if not farther. The effect her voice has on me is amazing, many times I am lost in thought or working away trying to solve some clients IT issue, then she will call out of the blue and all of my troubles just fade away, I am instantly happy and the stresses of my day just disappear. I have also noticed that I am able to concentrate better after we speak and more than once a difficult IT problem or issue is suddenly easily solved.

I speak to her almost every evening before I go to bed, even the nights when she has to work a night shift, there are times of course that she can not answer because of work and I have to leave a message, but she has not once failed to at least call me back and leave me a goodnight voicemail message. Now how awesome is that, I may not get it till I wake up the next morning but she is just so thoughtful and loving towards me.

During the phone call she mentioned she has a surprise for me when she gets here later tonight, and this woman will not give me even the slightest of hint about what her surprise for me is. Now I love a good surprise, more than one on this forum know that to be true, but being on the other end is not a position I have found myself all that often. I can not wait to find out what it is, all she has told me is that I will love it and never forget it!

Now my mind is running wild with the possibilities as to what this wonderful surprise could be, and she is like Fort Knox on the hint front, she will not say any more. arrrg!

This is going to be a wonderful weekend, I have decided to take her ballroom dancing. I did tell her to bring a lovely dress, the one she was wearing when I met her in fact would do just fine.  She loves to dance and is very accomplished at it, me on the other hand well I just make her look better is all I can say about my dancing talents!

Oh I can not wait to see her later to-night, this is going to be an awesome weekend!


4 Responses to Weekends Together and a Surprise To Boot

  1. So glad she was able to come down. Now I am super excited to know what the surprise is! HEY ROXIE!!

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