Half Truths, and Rumors and Poor choices

There is but one fact right now that is not in dispute, the young man is dead. I am not taking a side in this matter,  but I am sick and damn tired of people who incite others with their unfounded statements and opinions. What is Spike Lee or Nancy Grace going to do if any one gets hurt as a result of their rhetoric and opinions.

Unless I missed the report neither Nancy Grace Nor Spike Lee were present at the time of the incident in question where that man was killed. So I say to them and anyone else who thinks as they do, keep your damn opinions to yourself. Stop inciting others in the name of notoriety or ratings.

I feel for the families and friends of both parties, I can only try to imagine what they must be going through and to have it amplified in the almost hourly media reports must add to their misery.

Then we have Mr. Lee who decided he had the right to publish the other mans home address, Mr. Lee what the hell are you thinking, will you even feel the least bit of guilt if something happens to the residents of that home, YOU DID NOT EVEN GET THE CORRECT ADDRESS, YOU DUMB ASS! 

And Let us not Forget this drama queen Nancy Grace, this woman would have all of us believing she is the second coming of Jesus Christ in terms of her knowledge of the events of that evening. Nancy You are merely telling others what someone has told you, but you want us to believe that what you say are verifiable facts, OH wait the more we find out about this issue the more your supposed facts seem to be less and less accurate. Nance Grace you’re just a disgrace, you’re nothing but a want to be. Report the facts and the facts alone, I care not for your opinion, your actions are no better than those of Mr. Lee.

Let those responsible for the investigation do their job, report verifiable facts and nothing more. 

There is nothing that can be said to ease the pain as the result of a loss of a friend or family member. The media does not have any right to make their pain any worse by stirring up the masses with half-truths or rumor or unverified facts.


2 Responses to Half Truths, and Rumors and Poor choices

  1. Oh how I miss the days of real journalism. Give facts first and never state your opinion.

    • I agree with you Jenna, I just want to know the facts of an issue. I do not need them to shove their opinions down my throat, I have no idea which way this current media case is going to go but both sides need to be treated fairly.

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