In Sync

This evening I had the most wonderful phone conversation with Roxanna, to hear her laugh just brings a smile to my face and makes my heart sing. The odd thing is I was not even telling a joke, her laughter came from our normal type of conversation. We just laughed at everything, both of us nearly brought to tears at times. The sharing of such an experience was almost overwhelming at times.

Roxanna, just saying her name brings a smile to my face. Tonight as we talked on the phone she made a comment that struck home to me, she said Danny I almost did not go dancing the evening we met. OH my what a terrible thought, to realize I almost did not meet her caused me to feel almost ill. The thought of not having her in my life is just not something I wish to consider. She then said she was so happy that she did go dancing that night and she was excited when I walked over to ask her to dance. (my chest Puffing out now)

She told me to-night that she loved me, she has told me many times before and I walk on air every time she says it, but tonight she and I have begun what I consider another phase in our relationship,  I am not sure how to describe it but we both spoke of how we feel that our relationship has grown even closer.

This past weekend I feel we got to know each other even better, the long talks we shared, the hours we spent just being with one another, the expressions of mutual affection and adoration, every bit of it just feels natural, nothing is rushed or forced. More often than not we find our selves talking and we finish the thought of the other. We are just in sync and that feeling is the most amazing in the world, when both parties are on the same page, the same paragraph and even on the same sentence.

What more can I say, I am blessed and we are in sync!


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