OMG I wish I had seen this post about a year or so ago, I could have been forewarned of my then immediate future! Oddly it is only because I went through that hell that I can fully appreciate the relationship I have now, they are night and day as the old saying goes

ever had a friend that sucked you dry emotionally?  exhausting, isn’t it?  your give and their take is way out of balance.

know what else is exhausting?  these two Benadryl i took before starting to write this.  that was really stupid of me.  God help me write this without sucking it up too badly.

Donald Miller wrote a blog last week called Do You Filter Your Relationships? You Probably Should, and it got me thinking.  oh shut up, you know that happens.  sometimes.

i’m not going to rehash what Miller says, you can and should read it, but the basic point is this: it is perfectly acceptable and even healthy to cut the takers out of your life.

even if it’s someone you’re dating.  maybe especially if it’s someone you’re dating.

okay, i added that last part.  Miller focused on relationships in general.  i’m aiming for your romantic…

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