The Not So Little Things

About this time some 5 months ago I met an amazing woman, we met one evening when I was out with friends dancing after dinner. I would not call it love at first sight or anything such as that but I did have the good sense to realize she is a remarkable woman. Considering the fact I was then dealing with the aftermath of the implosion that resulted from my ending the engagement from hell, I was not in any hurry to date as anyone who has experienced a breakup can imagine.

We began to talk and become acquainted and over time this Raven Haired Woman and I grew closer. In the following weeks after we met, we did indeed become acquainted and our relationship grew even closer. This evening as I said good night to her on the phone it occurred to me, that not once have we ever had a harsh word towards one another, yes we have had differences of opinion, I even had a man moment a few weeks back, but not once has she or I ever raised our voiced to one another. This seemingly small detail speaks volumes for the relationship we share with one another and the people we are in general.

Neither of us are the meek personality type, just the opposite to be candid but we have a relationship built on friendship, courtesy and respect for one another. But where this relationship is truly different is in how we discuss issues with one another, If we have an issue or difference of opinion we do not attack one another to get across a point, we do not berate or create drama just because things do not go our way, rather we discuss the issue.

We realize that there is always more than one view-point, we respect ourselves and each other enough to be willing to compromise when needed and more often than not we both realize the issue at hand really is not that big of a deal in the first place and as a result we do not even let it become an issue between us.

What I have also realized is this, I thrive in this environment, I do not have any desire to be in a relationship where either party can not accept that both are fallible and as such no one is perfect. I have no desire to be involved in a relationship where the truth is not told and that includes the little so-called white lies, just tell it to me straight, I am a big boy I can take it.

Not once have I had any doubts about this womans integrity or commitment and that also contributes to the calmness and success of our relationship. Neither of us is dull or a push over but we do know how we desire to be treated and also realize that neither is perfect and it is in that realization we have grown closer as friends and that has allowed our relationship to blossom to where it is today. The pride we both feel as a result of how we treat and are treated by one another is amazing.

We each do little things for one another just because we want to, for example I always make sure that when we are together that her car is serviced and the fuel tank is full, and not once has she ever taken out the trash when I am with her. These are little things but I know she truly appreciates them and does not expect them.

She will often make something for me to eat and mail it to me, she knows I am diabetic and wants me to eat well, to that end she makes efforts to ensure I have healthy things to eat that I enjoy. More than once she has also just called me to see how I am doing even though she did not have much time due to her work schedule. The unexpected calls I receive from her mean more than you would think, I know that she is thinking of me and that I am important to her.

I enjoy cooking for her and she for me, we often cook together and have spent much time trying out new foods and recipes. This relationship is filled with passion as well, Neither of us have ever wanted for affection even if it is just her holding my hand and can this woman give amazing hugs and kisses, OH Yeah! I am not going to get into some of the more personal details of our affectionate moments but not once has either of us ever wanted anything less than to totally please the other. These are but a few of the little things we do for one another, none of which require any concerted effort or sacrifice, we do them because we care for one another and truly desire our relationship to continue to grow.

The Little things are not truly so small after all!


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