WordPress Pest Removal v1.5

Pests, they are seemingly everywhere even in our little haven of WordPress, I thought as many that you could do no more than tolerate them. I have had one commenter I have asked to stop for about a month now to no avail, I have tried polite emails, not posting their comments, even a polite Facebook message nothing worked, as a matter of fact this commenter was so arrogant they basically told me if I posted anything in public calling them on it I could get into legal trouble. I am not sure how , or what type of trouble this could be but this commenter claimed to be a legal professional so I sought other measures I could use.

Ah but inspiration can offer us hope still. So if you have for example a commenter who has become a pest and a polite please stop commenting on my blog ect does not suit them here is an option you may find handy.

If you have a public blog it is perfectly legal for them to visit and comment if you have comments enabled which the majority of us do. So what options do we have if we want an open blog and do not wish to have to monitor every flippin comment and we have a pesky commenter who will not go away, well WordPress does offer an option just for this every purpose.

Simply enter your control panel  for each blog and select the settings tab and then discussion menu and from there drop down till you see the area marked black list, take the info from their comments such as IP Address, URL, email, their name, blog name, and any other info listed about them and copy and paste it into this box, and do not forget to click save changes down below.

Now let them comment all they wish, it will simply drop their pesky comments into the spam folder and you need not ever see them! As you can imagine there is always a catch but this one is not that bad, they could change their info and therefore not be on your black list but then you have a legal leg to stand on in many cases because now this could be considered harassment in some states, so check your local, states laws on this matter if the issue persists.

I prefer to be polite and simply ask a person to stop this behaviour or that, but some people are to stuck on themselves to behave nicely and think they can do as they please regardless of how their actions affect another, shame , shame on them. But as they say not all roses smell the same and some are just for the byrds!


7 Responses to WordPress Pest Removal v1.5

  1. Congrats on finding the perfect solution to this problem and probably the only one.

    I had the same issue with another blogger. I was literally being cyber stalked. She was visiting my blog and then would go on Facebook and every where else and be abusive about it.

    So finally I blocked her IP… Her URL… Blog name and her own name. Since then there has been total silence.

    I don’t think there is a legal stance on this where you were concerned but definitely harassment from this other person.

    It’s really sad some people are just never happy until they are making other peoples life a misery.

    I hope you find peace and serenity now 😉

    • klextin says:

      Hi there,
      well in my case I feel this person is just acustomed to getting things their way, and considering how this person portrays herself I would have thought a polite please stop would have been more than enough but alas it was not. This person even had the nerve to suggest I alter my theme in order to achieve my desired result, what the heck is wrong with doing as your requested, oh well takes all kinds to make a world I suppose.

      perhaps my short tutorial will work for others with a similar problem!

      • Well you certainly showed very clearly how to do it to anyone who is interested.

        I’m enjoying the calmness. Another of my blogger friends had a similar problem and she changed the URL to her blog. So that is another thing someone else can do to get rid of pests. ( just remembered this, thought I’d add it in if anyone’s interested )

      • klextin says:

        Yes that works as well, but makes it difficult for the others to stay with you does it not?

  2. Bella says:

    good for you! just keep on doing you…thats all you can do 🙂

  3. The friend who changed her URL, I asked her this very question and she said that she didn’t care for blog hits and those who wanted to find her would. I think u just update your gravatar links and keep up your comments as most people arrive at your blog through comments as well.

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