Some people bring us joy others sadness, Some people are in our lives but for a brief moment in time others for a life time. Let us just hope the ones that bring us pain, sorrow or just get on our last good nerve are only in our midst the briefest of times and those that bring us joy and happiness never leave.

My life has been filled with both of the types listed above and I can honestly say I have learned something from them all. I can not say I have always enjoyed the lessons or experiences but more often than not I have and I believe I have benefited from them all.

The trick as I see it is to know when we have met those who are not who they claim to be and to distance ourselves from them and to hold those who are loving and kind extra close and share and learn from each other as much as possible.

But for what ever reason those bad people are like the smell of dirty sneakers, they just seem to linger and linger, while the wonderful people seem to be harder to find.


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